What do Students Think of their Teacher’s Teaching Approaches?

1st Article

Kurniati, I., & Surya, E. (2017). Students’ perception of their teacher’s teaching styles. International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research, 33 (2), 91-98

This article tackles the study issue of how students perceive their teacher’s teaching approaches. The purpose of the study was to describe how students perceive their math teachers’ teaching techniques. The investigation addressed the following research questions:

  1. What do students think about the manner in which teachers instruct?
  2. What learning experiences do mathematics students have in the classroom?

In this study, the phenomenology research design was employed (Manen, 2016). 66 students from grades X and XI were selected at random from a total of 600 pupils at SMA Brigjend Katamso in Indonesia for this study. In the study, the data was examined by scoring the questionnaire evaluation responses using content analysis.

This study’s ethical treatment of human subjects included the random selection of participants to assure a representative sample of respondents. In addition, the researchers verified that participants would directly or indirectly benefit from the findings. The authors focused on pupils in classes X and X1, ensuring that they did not have a presumption of impaired autonomy due to their age of 14 or older.

The questionnaire served as the vehicle for data collection in this study, which examined students’ impressions of their instructor’s teaching style. To answer the research question, the questionnaire had 30 questions organized into three sections. Through peer review by authorities who validated the data, the researchers minimized researcher bias and boosted the results’ objectivity and reliability. In addition, the dependability of the collected data was enhanced by comparing it to past research findings from the existing body of knowledge…

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