What are the Benefits of a Strong Mission Statement?


A mission statement is an important organizational tool because it improves the understanding and integration of business operations; however, ineffective mission statements can lead to the demise of an organization. In addition, mission statements function as a decision-making guide, control mechanism, and motivational instrument. A mission statement defines the goals and objectives of an institution to describe its purpose. The examination will address the role of an organization’s mission statement in meeting its obligations. The effectiveness of mission statements has been equally criticized and praised, even though the mission identifies an institution’s core business.

How Effective are Mission Statements

A mission statement guides an organization’s culture and defines its place in society. For example, the mission statement of the American print newspaper Times Mirror reads, “Dedicated to gathering and disseminating the information people need to work, live, and govern themselves in a free society” (Johnson 390). Thus, the mission statement specifies the organization’s function precisely. Therefore, the declaration includes standards and ethical practices that align with the organization’s objectives.

How Mission Statements Guide, Motivate, and Encourage Ethical Conduct

There is controversy surrounding mission statements because some are written for formal purposes. Critics assert that some personnel is unfamiliar with the concept of a mission statement and, as a result, rarely enforce or adhere to it. Nonetheless, employees may not adhere to guiding principles if a company’s raison d’être is unclear. However, proponents argue that mission statements provide outsiders and insiders with the organization’s perspective. They guide, inspire, and motivate stakeholders to sustain ethical behavior supporting the organization’s objectives. Therefore, employees are responsible for acting ethically and contributing to their organization…

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