unalienable liberties

unalienable liberties

Instructions…1. Identify and provide at least one quotation from one of our class texts that helps address the chosen study question.

2. Paraphrase the quotated material in your own words.

3. Carefully explain how the quoted text helps answer the study question

4. Why did you choose this study question and what did you learn from thinking about it?

5. Your response should be between 500-600 words, exclusive of quotations or approximately a page and a half to two pages.6. Use proper MLA formatting (see OWL at Purdue for MLA).

TOPIC : What are unalienable liberties and from what do they arise? How do the readings for the class help identify these liberties?

Grading Rubric…10 MLA formatting

50 integration of quoted material and structure of essay

10 proper use of sources20 for thesis and conclusion

10 for grammar, spelling, punctuation

100 for well reasoned argument

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