The Hospitality Sector is Growing Consistently: An Argumentative Essay

The hospitality sector has seen substantial expansion over the last few decades, and recent research indicates that similar patterns will continue in the years to come. Hotels and resorts are a few facilities that this development may impact. In addition to industrial expansion, research shows that customer preferences are changing quickly due to technological advancement. Modern resort managers need to invest in new technologies to enhance the performance of their facilities if they want to meet these quickly expanding needs and stay competitive in the industry.

A surge in non-traditional family vacations is one of the changes that resorts are currently experiencing, which impacts their management strategies. Brey, for instance, claims that children have entered the market category (81). The “new type” of traveler, as defined by Kazandzhieva et al., is interested in “personal sociability, intense emotional experiences, amusement, and particular hobbies” (3). Notably, these customers have particular requirements which impact how resorts run. To better serve their young, tech-savvy clientele, facilities that want to stay competitive must ensure they invest in modern technology.

Additionally, significant shifts in customer expectations for the resort experience have been noted. Vacationers have become less tolerant of management errors, according to research done in some of the major resorts in the United States (Brey 93). Vacationers today want distinctive offerings that satisfy their own needs. Brey also says visitors might ask for reimbursement if mistakes are made (94). As a result, resort managers can use technology to enhance facility performance and reduce human error. For illustration…

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