The Debate Over Same-Sex Marriage in Taiwan: A Case Study

Regarding matters relating to sexual orientation, Taiwan is one of the more liberal nations in the Asia-Pacific area. In a referendum, Taiwanese citizens rejected same-sex marriage, as shown by Humayun and Cullinane (2018). The writers provide evidence of the political establishment’s efforts to address human rights issues through constitutional changes. However, the fact that a referendum rejected same-sex unions portends a forthcoming legal conflict in the nation. For instance, the Supreme Court declared that it was unconstitutional to forbid same-sex marriage. Yet, the vote that was conducted to decide whether to validate or invalidate such weddings was against the practice (Humayun & Cullinane, 2018). Even though Taiwan’s political establishment is trying to control debates about same-sex unions, the rights of LGBT people will suffer if a court decides to invalidate referendum results. The government’s principal challenge is managing popular opinion and adhering to court orders. Notably, the court decision gave the legislature a two-year moratorium to ensure that marriage and equality laws were passed. The government is still required to uphold the rights of the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) populations even though citizens rejected same-sex unions.

The current viewpoints in Taiwan are also impacted by regional trends that oppose respecting the rights of the LGBT community. For instance, attempts to outlaw same-sex marriage in Indonesia and the public caning of two women who tried to have sex in a car in Malaysia impacted Taiwan’s referendum vote to recognize homosexual marriage (Humayun & Cullinane, 2018). Similar viewpoints have been observed in the Philippines and some areas of mainland China, putting the region vulnerable to violations of LGBT rights. While the nation must abide by the high court’s ruling until 2019, the government’s primary difficulty is overseeing LGBT rights, which have been overwhelmingly rejected…

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