Understanding the Culture, Mission, and Values of Walt Disney


An American entertainment firm called Walt Disney primarily concentrates on global mass media productions. Burbank, California, serves as the location of the business’s headquarters. Walt Disney has businesses in Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America (4). Other business divisions of the organization include studio entertainment, media networks, parks, and consumer items. In terms of revenue, Disney is thought to be the biggest media company in the world. When Roy and Walt Disney opened their first studio in Hollywood, California, the business was founded that year (4). Disney Studios created its first animated film, titled Plane Crazy, in 1928. (6). The business has a large market of customers that they must inform about moral and ethical principles.

Disney’s Mission

Due to the management’s success, The Walt Disney Company has become an internationally recognized brand. A corporate mission statement should, in theory, specify the type of business the corporation is engaged in. Disney’s mission primarily emphasizes leadership (Willis 47). Disney can, however, enhance their goal to better connect it with the prevailing market trends, much like other businesses. To “be the world’s foremost producers and distributors of entertainment and information,” according to Disney’s mission statement. We aim to create the most original, cutting-edge, and lucrative entertainment experiences and related products in the world by using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services, and consumer items (The Walt Disney Company 1). Instead of emphasizing consumer demands, the purpose is primarily focused on the product. Since it does not incorporate personnel, technology, public perception, and clients, it lacks a life cycle (Wills 47). Disney’s aim should therefore include the aforementioned amounts to ensure success.

Disney’s Culture

Disney’s Culture typically has a connection to American culture. The company is regarded as a reflection of American culture. The company’s traditions, values, and conventions that shape employee behavior make up the organization’s culture (Williams 1).

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