The Condition of the Healthcare System in America


The elderly, unemployed, and low-income earners continue to be underrepresented in America despite efforts to provide progressive healthcare due to insufficient government oversight and financial restrictions.

History of the Healthcare System

Unions were the first to push for effective healthcare during the industrial revolution. The health systems were improved during the administrations of Theodore Roosevelt in 1905, Bill Clinton in 1993, and Barack Obama in 2009. The capitalist nature of American culture exacerbates the country’s inadequate healthcare system.

Current Healthcare Situation

Compared to other developed countries, the US government spends more on healthcare.
The healthcare system is not sufficiently meeting the population’s needs. A lack of health insurance prevents nearly 5 million children and more than 30 million low-income adults in America from receiving high-quality medical care.

 Facilities and Healthcare Providers

  • The medical workforce in the US is very skilled.
  • Healthcare facilities can meet medical needs.
  • There are about 501,296 doctors in the US, all with different specialties.

Medications and Insurance Access

  • Many Americans find affordable health insurance and access to quality medical care challenging.
  • More than 29.3 million Americans of all ages lack health insurance.
  • Between the ages of 18 and 64, 12.8 percent of persons lack health insurance.
  • In 2017, 5% of kids between 0 and 17 lacked health insurance.
    Around 136 million people had complete insurance coverage as of 2017.

The Features

High-caliber professionals with backgrounds in practice and research benefit the healthcare systems.
The business sector exerts significant influence over the American healthcare system.
Physicians, nurses, and other ancillary staff with extensive training and expertise serve the healthcare sector by offering citizens high-quality services.

The Weaknesses

Service supply and access to care are constrained by the government’s lax oversight and ineffective control.
Because healthcare is so expensive, it is inaccessible.
Facilities management is badly impacted by intense rivalry amongst service providers as opposed to a cooperative partnership…

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