Teenage Cyberbullying on Social Media

Annotated Bibliography

This study aims to help the reader understand the serious consequences of cyberbullying and the measures that must be taken to eradicate these issues completely.

Akbaba, S., Peker, A., Eroğlu, Y., & Yaman, E. (2015). Cross-gender equivalence of cyberbullying and victimization. Participatory Educational Research (PER), 2 (2), 59-69.

An evaluation of the Revised Cyberbullying Inventory (RCBI) is provided in the article (RCBI). The mean difference between two or more different groups is examined. The success of the authors of this article in their various fields of study qualifies them to conduct this survey. Akbaba, for instance, is a psychology student at Uskudar University in Istanbul. Students studying guidance and counseling in Erzurum and Bayburt, respectively, are Peker and Eroglu. Yaman also has a degree in educational science from Sakarya University.

This study aimed to examine the gender disparity in online victimization and harassment. The study’s validity has consistently been compared for both girls and boys. Also, they looked at a range of perspectives on both issues throughout their research, as well as their definitions, common histories, and various expressions, as well as the effects of cyberbullying and victimization. Yet, this survey only looked at a tiny sample of teenagers, excluding the fact that cyberbullying is a widespread issue. Adolescents of various backgrounds would have allowed for more precise data collection. Because the RCBI is the most significant overall indicator of the gender invariance method.

Dilmac, B. (2009). Psychological Needs as a Predictor of Cyber Bullying: A Preliminary Report on College Students. Educational Sciences: Theory and Practice, 9(3), 1307-1325.

The connection between cyberbullying and its psychological effects is discussed in the essay. The study also looked at the characteristics of social media harassment, how it is used, and how adolescents are exposed to such occurrences. The Turkish author…

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