Exercise in Technology Evaluation (TE): Emergency Management Software

What is Software for Emergency Management?

Software for emergency management prevents, prepares for, and handles incidents within an organization. Professionals should examine circumstances and adopt appropriate remedies to mitigate their effects and prevent a recurrence. Experts can use various software packages to model probable events, plan responses, and coordinate information exchange. In addition, these initiatives facilitate the development of organizational continuity strategies and their adaption based on post-crisis analysis and feedback (“Best Emergency Management Software,” n.d.). They ensure that operations return to normal swiftly and effectively. Despite the fact that numerous vendors have built and produced emergency management software, an organization’s information technology staff should examine the available solutions and choose the most appropriate platform for a given purpose.

Characteristics, Features, and Selection Criteria

The information technology team should identify the most effective software application for emergency management. “Best Emergency Management Software,” n.d. The Excel worksheet (refer to Appendix) contains the evaluation criteria (features and functions). Price (the product’s sticker price), real-time mapping, Incident Management System (IMS) features, 24/7/365 live assistance, security/encryption, vendor support, interoperability, and real-time emergency information sharing are the eight criteria. The team examines internet information, such as a vendor’s website, to determine whether a product meets specified requirements.

The Three Technological Items

The IT team will procure software tools for emergency management from various providers. Moreover, these experts will base their selection on the features and functionalities of the product. Because software development outsourcing is a contractual partnership, according to Khan and Khan (2013), it is essential to comprehend the vendor. The consumer is responsible for choosing the supplier and the type of contract to sign. Following these guidelines, the company can outsource the full software development process or a piece of it…

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