Structure, Culture, and Control Systems

In the Module 4 Case, we will investigate the Structure, Culture, and Control Systems at the Ford Motor Company.

Case Assignment

Visit the website of the Ford Motor Company:, and go to the Investors page. Look around the page (there is a lot of excellent information here), and search for information related to the organization’s structure and controls. Then, locate the company’s most recent Annual Reports and 10-K filings. After completing some research at Ford’s website, the library, and on the internet, address the following:

Describe the organizational structure at the Ford Motor Company (what form of structure does the company have?). Include any information you can find regarding the company’s Board of Directors and the company’s committees. Is the Board a diverse group of individuals?
Describe the organization’s culture. How well does the company’s values statement align with its culture? Is the culture at Ford Motor Company an inclusive work environment?
Do some research at the Ford Motor Company website and in the library (be sure to look at trade magazines and newspapers as well) and find as much information concerning the company’s control systems as you can (budgets, inventory control, annual objectives, functional strategies, policies and procedures, personnel evaluation systems, or other). Describe these controls, and discuss how they assist in keeping Ford Motor Company strategies on track.
Assignment Expectations

The minimum length requirement for this Case Assignment is 5 full pages (excluding Title and Reference pages), to include 3 scholarly sources.
Provide an APA-formatted title page. Use the APA 7 Template.
The 5 full pages will include an introduction, body of work with 3 scholarly sources cited to support your work, and a conclusion (that aligns with your purpose statement, summarizes each section, and then wraps up into a final thought).
Provide an APA7 formatted References Page (See APA 7 “References” section at ).

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