SRBP Assignment

SRBP Assignment


In this assignment, you are to assume the role of your chosen global hotel company’s CSR Director. If you chose a hotel company or cruise line for your Case Study and Final CSR Plan just go with that. If you chose a restaurant company or something else, you can pick a hotel company to use just for this assignment. Your assignment is to write an internal corporate memorandum (business memo) to the General Managers of the individual hotels in the company (or Hotel Managers of all ships in the fleet). You should inform them in a convincing way that all units company-wide and worldwide are to start a new soap and room amenities recycling program in conjunction with Clean the World Foundation. Your one-page memo (do not submit more than one page, you must make your message fit one page) to the units’ top executives should announce the start of the recycling project effective Jan. 1st and convince them that the program is going to be highly worthwhile to the company, to the unit, to the cause, and to the communities that will be served by the effort. If you are not familiar with business memo formats in your place of business then please review the following link for instruction on how to write a business memo: How to Format a Business MemorandumLinks to an external site.

Touch on the following prompts in your corporate memorandum:

Explain the initiative your company has chosen to implement and why.
Address potential concerns you think the unit managers might have with regards to implementing the initiative.
Discuss what you feel to be the key components to successfully putting this new practice into daily operations at the unit level.
Finally, encourage the unit managers to explore and develop ties to the local community with the initiative.

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