Speak Up: How to Prepare for Surgery

Brochure Review

The Joint Commission has published a brochure titled “Speak Up: Preparing for Surgery” that provides crucial information for preventing medical errors. Common surgical errors include performing the incorrect operation or operating on the incorrect body part. The Joint Commission provides information on the best practices for preventing errors before or after surgery. Patients, who are essential stakeholders in the care process, are the target audience for this brochure. It challenges them to become involved, informed, and active healthcare team members.

Brochure Summary

The brochure is written by the leading healthcare accrediting agency in the United States to inform patients about their rights as active participants in the care process and surgical procedure expectations to prevent medical errors. The brochure provides information for patients to intervene and prevent surgical errors. It includes categories of best practices ranging from procedure preparation time to post-process expectations. The patient is instructed on what to do and what questions to ask the surgeon before surgery. Additionally, someone must accompany the patient to the hospital.

The brochure instructs the patient on what to do at the surgical facility, including signing the consent form. It informs the patient of what must occur during the surgery, including marking and confirming the exact location of the operation. Finally, information on what to expect after surgery, including pain management best practices and the necessary medications (The Joint Commission, n.d). The brochure encourages constant communication between the patient and the healthcare team for quality patient outcomes.

Brochure Analysis

The brochure contains vital information regarding the patient’s participation in the care process to prevent medical errors. The booklet is organized into easy sections for the reader to follow. The topic is engaging and contains information supporting research findings that highlight the issue’s significance…

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