Should Employers Grant Employees Unlimited Paid Vacations?

The source of employee motivation is a constant concern for the HR management team as they strive for the highest level of productivity. Numerous strategies for motivating employees have been put forth by experts, some of which involve financial rewards and others which involve actions that enhance the value of employees. Adjusting HR management procedures to the new internal and external demands of the business to boost competitiveness. Increased media attention is being given to implementing unlimited paid vacations, one of the organizational reforms attracting growing interest in research and practice (Sammer). While some human resource managers are in favor of the idea, others are against it and contend that businesses should cap the number of paid vacation days. Despite the fact that employers must pay for workers’ time off, giving employees unlimited paid vacations would encourage them to work harder.

Employees possibly taking unplanned time off worries the HR management team. Although offering employees and businesses unlimited paid vacation time may be beneficial, few executives have actually implemented this practice. As a result, many human resource managers may still be unaware of the true benefits of making such a choice (Sammer). Employees are free to choose when and how long they will take unapproved time off of work under the policy. However, to avoid interruptions, the company mandates that employees keep their coworkers informed of their progress while on vacation (McGregor). So long as their work is finished, the idea calls for giving their employees time off.

Developing a highly engaged and motivated team is one of the advantages of the unlimited paid time off vacation policy. Employees are motivated by the administration’s belief that they can effectively manage their time without being subjected to performance pressure. They can strike a balance between work and life, which is typically lacking in traditional workplaces (Sammer). When workers are in charge of their time and workload instead of being controlled by management through a strict schedule, they are more productive…

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