Registered Nurses’ Right to Becoming Unionized

To participate in collective bargaining, registered nurses have the same right to unionize as other professionals. If nurses are organized within a union, it is much more likely that they will experience better working conditions. It is noteworthy that unions have the negotiating power and influence for their contracts and the improvement of working conditions for their members (Malvey, 2010). Nurses would be highly motivated and better positioned to give patients the highest caliber of care if unions improved their working conditions. The most important aspects of nurses’ well-being can be impacted by unions, even though they may not be able to address all of their issues.

By joining a union, nurses can exercise influence over factors other than their working conditions. They are better equipped to change the laws governing healthcare settings and facilities when they act as a group. Nurses play a crucial role in ensuring the security of their workplace for their own benefit as well as the benefit of their patients (Malvey, 2010). Because of their sheer numbers and the safety that comes with union membership, nurses have more chances to influence the workplace safety culture for the better.

The MSN Essential in relation to nurse unionization is organizational and systems leadership. Nurses taking on organizational leadership roles leads to high-quality care and patient safety (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2013). Nurses are given the power to make more ethical and decisive professional decisions because they are union members. Additionally, they can develop working relationships as they collaborate for the benefit of their patients. Nurses must make use of the union’s benefits in order to perform this crucial duty…

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