Qualities of a Good Helper

In daily actions, people have the capacity to help others. But nowadays, individuals are self-centered, self-conscious, and self-pleasing. (2015) Murray. However, very few people have opted to volunteer as a noble route that requires personal sacrifice. People sacrifice their time and freedom to aid those in need. However, assisting others necessitates displaying several crucial qualities to ensure that both parties are happy.

I have qualities like kindness, patience, devotion, and focus that would benefit those around me as I pay attention to their needs. Additionally, I’m willing to assist others in their daily endeavors whenever I can. Additionally, I am skilled at identifying the needs of others and knowing how to address them in various contexts. I am tenacious in pursuing new skills that will enable me to assist those in need. These qualities are crucial for enhancing abilities when caring for patients with various requirements.

I just participated in a volunteer program for Vietnamese orphans. We collaborated with other people to instruct children from various orphanages across the nation in English and mathematics. Since the students lacked self-control and motivation, learning was challenging. Most kids were more interested in their toys than in their education. However, we changed course and concentrated on fresh teaching methods, such as encouraging them with rewards whenever they reached a goal. Lack of parental supervision and a bad learning environment may have contributed to the self-control problems. Encouragement, perseverance, and patience were, therefore, some of the important elements in our methods to improving the performance and learning experience for those kids. To ensure the pupils took their studies seriously, I became more tenacious with them…

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