Nursing Staff Leadership Styles and Organizational Commitment


Commitment to the organization is essential in high-performing businesses. The element is what propels great performance and superior outcomes in healthcare settings. Because commitment and job happiness are linked, it is essential for nurses who want to stay with the organization. Organizational commitment reduces turnover and its detrimental effects, including the shortage of nurses (Somers, Birnbaum, Finch, & Casal, 2018). A key idea in organizational studies is organizational commitment. Numerous scholars who study nursing staff conduct have looked into the idea. The research unequivocally demonstrates that businesses should assess personnel attitudes and emotions. According to a growing corpus of research, organizational commitment is a crucial outcome driver in nursing and healthcare settings. Negative consequences of workplace disengagement include poor performance (Hamdi & Rajablu, 2012). Businesses in the healthcare industry should assess the factors that affect organizational commitment in order to shape and reinforce the idea within the organization.

Organizational commitment and leadership style are the study’s key ideas. According to the current study, leadership is how one person motivates others to achieve a common aim or objective. The preferred way a leader influences others is therefore referred to as their leadership style. Wong, Cummings, and Ducharme (2013) contend that a leadership style’s effect on followers can be used to gauge its effectiveness. Nurses work in a pleasant environment when the right kind of leadership is there. It chooses the best possible patient outcomes and the treatment standard. Organizational commitment, the study’s second component, relies on the efficiency of the leadership approach.

Organizational commitment is a key concept in studying behavioral factors that affect organizational efficiency and performance…

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