New York City Books Through Bars: Volunteering to Uphold Prisoners’ Rights

What is NYC Books Through Bars?

The organization NYC Books Through Bars promotes the rights of prisoners. The organization’s headquarters are in the US, and operates in nearby jails around Philadelphia and New York. It was established as a nonprofit organization in 2001, and in 2018, it was authorized to operate as a 501(c)(3) charity (NYC Books Through Bars, 2019). It offers humanitarian aid to those who are imprisoned and supplies books for reading and reflection to raise the educational level of prisoners. The main goal of this organization is to collect books from publishers, neighborhood associations, and well-wishers and match them with requests from prisoners (NYC Books Through Bars, 2019). The terrible conditions, brutality, and abuse these people experience while incarcerated may further harden them, necessitating therapies like reformative reading and introspection even if they are there for rehabilitation objectives.

The Organizations Activities

To ensure the success of its initiatives, NYC Books Through Bars establishes connections between people with various viewpoints on the American prison system. Public policymakers, security companies, criminal justice specialists, and members of the general public are all considered partners. The group has a staff of experts, including pro-prison reformists and abolitionists, who are driven by a transformation ideology to defend prisoners’ rights. Political activists, students, teachers, writers, and a variety of specialists working in various offices make up its membership (NYC Books Through Bars, 2019). Inmates develop inner strength through reading and reflection, empowering them to change their circumstances (Bautze, 2019). Thus, NYC Books Through Bars brings together professionals as volunteers to build libraries for prisoners in various American prisons.

Summary of the People and Events

To raise inmates’ reading and knowledge levels, there aren’t enough books provided in prisons. NYC Books Through Bars delivers books and other reading materials to prisoners as part of the correctional mandate of institutions (NYC Books Through Bars, 2019). Prisoners who write to the organization ask for educational resources like…

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