McDonald’s Management Techniques that Result in Company Success

McDonald’s is a well-known fast food company worldwide. Through rewards and recognition, the company uplifts those employees who have been instrumental in achieving the company’s objectives. According to Taylor’s theory, employees will become demotivated and exhibit lower productivity if they do not receive rewards despite working hard. A competitive wage and promotion program at McDonald’s recognizes and rewards effort. Managers may say “Job well done” or name the employee of the month as a form of recognition. McDonald’s provides staff with specialized training to enhance their abilities and customer service. The business created a standardized process in which employees carry out their responsibilities alone. Every food item at the restaurant is guaranteed to have the same taste and quality as anywhere in the world.

Each employee is given a specific role within the company. To guarantee consistency in flavor and quality, McDonald’s job descriptions are similar across the board, particularly in the kitchen. The company’s engineers use a computerized methodology to ensure consistency and eliminate any room for error in food preparation. The business management has created manuals outlining the rules and behavior expected of employees. For instance, numerous manuals and checklists describe how to make hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes. In addition to cooking times, each product has a defined temperature range. As a result, each employee at McDonald’s contributes significantly to the company’s success.

The area where meals are prepared uses the most automation, ensuring that the goods on offer are uniform. Fries must be cut in a specific pattern, and meals must be cooked at a specific temperature for a set amount of time. Management, customer service, and waiter service are among the less non-mechanistic occupations. Therefore, it is clear that each role plays a similar role in how well the restaurant’s operations are carried out.

Every employee at McDonald’s has a specific job description based on a bureaucratic structure. The jobs have precise job descriptions and clear communication structures. The bureaucratic structure is beneficial because it ensures the organization meets its budget-conscious business objectives. The organization’s structure designates each position as either a subordinate or a superordinate in a hierarchical manner…

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