Maturity Models of Digital Transformation

Literature Review

The task at hand comprises an analysis of the existing literature, the discovery of knowledge gaps, and the creation of a framework for further study of Maturity Models for Digital Transformation. The study gives the analytical context by citing additional sources that are pertinent to the subject. A classification process is used to evaluate the sources on Maturity Models for Digital Transformation, showing how the literature on the topic is evaluated and analyzed to produce comparisons and conclusions. The classification of the review is explained in the part that follows before getting into the critical evaluation.

Review Methods

An internet database search was done to find sources pertinent to the study issue. The process made it possible to compile, organize, and synthesize the most recent information on Maturity Models for Digital Transformation. The search terms used to discover the sources included digitization, digital transformation, maturity models, and digital models. Over 1,000 probable references were found after a thorough search in databases like EBSCOhost, Google Scholar, and Jstor. However, only 11 references were judged to be pertinent and were used in the review once the source was filtered. Publication dates (2013–2019), language of publication (English), and topical relevancy were used as filtering criteria.

The Shift to the Gigital Era

Businesses all over the world want to participate more in the cutting-edge digital environment. For the purpose of taking advantage of new business opportunities, they are putting digital transformation projects into action. The extent of the revolutions, however, differs depending on the industry and the digital transformation strategies employed. Some of the most popular models include digital operations, digital consumer engagement, and digital product development. The effects of new digital technology dissemination in organizations and sectors are studied by Remane, Hanelt, Wiesboeck, and Kolbe (2017)…

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