justice-involved clients

justice-involved clients

As a clinical social psychological principal or a legal social psychological principal, you will want to make decisions about how you offer services to your justice-involved clients. Reflect on what type of service you would like to offer and which social psychology principals you want to promote in your work.

Imagine your future as a human service worker and design a proposal.

Write a 525- to 700-word proposal for a service plan based on social psychology principles and methods. Begin by choosing a target population of offenders.

Include the following in your proposal:

Introduction (who is your target population? What problem are you addressing?)
Proposal (What is your solution to the problem? Use the questions listed below.)
Address the following questions:
What type of rehabilitation would you offer?
What aspects of social influence do you want your plan to address?
How do you want to intervene in an individual’s relationship with society to rehabilitate?

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