IVK Company’s Use of the iPhone: A Case Study

When the sales department asks IVK Company to use technology that isn’t supported, it should be taken seriously. People using devices that aren’t supported causes a lot of trouble between the marketing, procurement, and IT departments. So, Barton’s response to the sales division should be to try to find a middle ground to solve the disagreement between the company’s divisions. The recommendations should also be based on the professional opinion of IT experts about the most common security risks that iPhone apps pose to the business. So, the help should also point out the company’s rules about adopting software and using technology that isn’t supported in business processes. So, Burton will ensure departmental problems are handled well so that divisional processes can be improved.

Barton should ensure he gets copies of all operational conversations between departments so that no one asks for technologies that can’t be used. In this situation, he could have more good conversations with few disagreements. Creating a good way for people to talk to each other and share information should also be a top priority so that the organization can get professional advice from departments like the IT department and take advantage of technological progress. In the same way, Barton should set up a strong research and development department to ensure that the company’s certified technologies work as well as possible. The divisions could set up new tests of gadgets and technological advances they want to use in their work. So, setting up good ways for departments to talk to each other could make things run more smoothly and reduce misunderstandings and disagreements.

The IVK Company needs to take advantage of new technology. When new technologies are added to operations, they will change how all departments are managed. Because of this, the organization should use an integrated strategy to decide what kind of technology to use.

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