Is Sexuality a Biological or Learned Behavior?


Different human habits can either be inherited or socialized into us. The question of whether sexuality is an innate trait or a taught activity has long been controversial. In actuality, the development of sexuality is significantly influenced by learning (sociology) and biology. However, the disputes over the structuring of the distinctions in sexual behavior, as well as the separation of psychosexual function, rarely take into account the expected implications on sexuality and the learning process (Sheppard and Mayo 260). A review of the studies supporting the argument will be done before the investigation begins. It will be followed by a discussion of the side with more support, a conclusion, and some afterthoughts on the subject. As a result, it is essential to examine the study on sexuality based on those who contend that sexuality is a learned behavior and those who favor the biological explanation to determine which side has more solid supporting data.


Perspectives on sexuality, sexual behaviors, and practices are very diverse. Different social norms and restrictions apply in different societies to this matter. Sexuality typically has symbolic, cultural, social, and individual meaning. The evolution of sexuality has always been dynamic. In actuality, western attitudes of sexuality were initially shaped by Christianity. The medicalization of sexuality, on the other hand, occurred in the 19th century, turning immoral sexual habits into sick ones. In the Victorian era, there existed sexual double standards that permitted men to have mistresses or engage in prostitution. At the same time, women upheld their honor by keeping themselves virginal in preparation for marriage (Sheppard and Mayo 260). In the western world, attitudes on sexuality, sex, sex morals, marriage, divorce, abortion, and adult pornography have significantly changed over the past 40 years. However, social ties continue to play a significant role in how healthy sexuality is understood.

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