Is College Education Worth the Expense? Argumentative Essay

A college education is no longer a privilege or an option but a requirement. Our culture has conditioned us to believe that a college degree or higher education is necessary for success in life. The belief is consistent with the saying, “If you think education is costly, try ignorance.” In addition, as technology continues to advance and computers run nearly everything, most people question whether a college education is necessary. As such, the argument has existed since the cost of higher education has increased substantially, despite the existence of individuals who have achieved success in life without attending college. Is a college degree a guarantee of a prosperous life? Some people who did not attend college are more successful than those who did (Rossi 1). There have been valid arguments on both sides of the issue. Therefore, discussing whether a college education is worth the cost is essential.

Most people enroll in college after high school because they are required to do so. Most high school graduates are advised by their parents, guardians, or guidance counselors that attending college is the best option. A student may have better things to do than enroll in an expensive and time-consuming college. Some college students may do what they did not want because they were advised it was the best option (Kayla 1). Therefore, lead a miserable and resentful life. Because the student is uninterested in the course or did not receive what he or she expected upon graduation, the money spent on college education is ultimately wasted.

Nevertheless, I believe college education is worthwhile because it increases the likelihood of obtaining a job. However, some contend that a college degree does not guarantee employment. Even with a college degree, not everyone is employed. Therefore, it becomes a waste of time, effort, and…

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