HP and Dell SWOT Analysis


A quick SWOT analysis reveals that Dell’s greatest strength is innovation. The company is heavily invested in emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, and virtual reality (VR) opportunities. The business has begun selling its 14G PowerEdge servers. With the help of application programming interfaces, the innovation offers a scalable business perspective that optimizes data centers for new workload demands, such as those for Intel’s Xeon messaging (Moorhead, 2017). To raise the standard of healthcare in the U.S., Dell is also working on blockchain innovation that develops a shared platform for service providers to access health records.

Solutions built on the blockchain offer a progressive method for keeping patient-controlled medical records. For instance, thanks to virtual innovation from Dell Company, a patient having a heart attack in New York can access his or her medical records in Illinois. The company is solely focused on producing smart AR helmets and glasses thanks to AI and AR advancements for a novel employee training experience and AI perspectives that mimic the technology of self-driven cars. Systems in the newly disrupted industry drive opportunity and facilitate work processes.

Although Hewlett Packard (HP) Company’s goals are focused on long-term strategies, Dell’s innovative approaches focus on enhancing current generations’ technological experiences. For instance, HP offers practical models to make application easier in environmental management and ground-breaking medical research. BioConvergence’s business intersection makes it possible to combine processes and advance digital technology (Warner, 2018). The combination of physical, biological, and cyber methodologies improves security and safety in a technology-oriented environment. For instance, combining pine resin and alfalfa seeds to create lithium-ion batteries is a key factor in HP’s and BioConvergence’s success. Additionally, HP technology expands its conservation techniques by obtaining ocean-going plastic to create original ink cartridges to ensure environmental safety…

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