How to Prepare a Classroom Management Plan: A Teacher’s Ultimate Guide

Statement of Philosophy (Classroom Management)

Gaining control over the classroom is the primary goal of a classroom management plan as it is put into practice by the teachers. Previous studies have shown that effective classroom management is essential for a positive learning environment (Wong & Wong, 2009). The truth is that effective classroom management results in a lot of active learning time for the students. Three main principles are put forth by Levin & Nolan (2013) for the efficient management of the classroom. One of the ideologies is the teacher’s readiness to take on the burden of having the power to manage the students. The second has to do with problem-solving, where it is recommended to use long-term solution-oriented strategies rather than short-term control techniques. Finally, the teachers ought to be able to examine and ascertain whether simple personal issues cause symptomatic behavior.

Three theoretical frameworks that can be successfully used for classroom management are suggested by Levin and Nolan (2013). Therefore, one of these models—personal adjustment or self-concept—seems to encourage students to build self-confidence through striving for academic success and improving their social interactions. The second theoretical model suggests that the teacher uses insight or cognition most of the time to address students’ issues. In this situation, the teacher overcomes the difficulties of particular students while attempting to get to know each person personally and inform and instruct them all. The behavioristic model is the third theory, and it entails the use of rewards, negotiations, and directed attention by the teacher to encourage positive behavior in the classroom. The main goals of behavior management are to support young children in developing learning-friendly behaviors and social skills appropriate for home and school settings. As a result, the behavioristic method of classroom management is the main focus of this plan…

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