How Social Media Influences Obama’s Political Leadership

Social Media and Politics

Technology and the internet have grown substantially in recent years, creating opportunities to influence and manipulate public opinion on particular issues. The internet provides an informative forum for the exchange of ideas and perspectives. Additionally, leaders have joined social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in order to communicate with their followers (Araujo and Neijens 637). Through social media, influential individuals may motivate or influence individuals to make irrational political decisions. Social platforms significantly enhance business, politics, and organizational structures. Even though social media is used for various purposes, world leaders can effectively promote their ideas and influence individuals toward a common goal.

Obama is one of the leaders that I admire the most. He is active on social media and freely expresses his views on political and administrative issues. In addition, he plays an important role in motivating people, particularly those who aspire to become leaders. Obama was the first president to use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat as official communication tools. He was the first president to go live on Facebook, tweet as @POTUS, and utilize Snapchat filters (Bogost 1). Therefore, influential leaders can utilize social media to address public issues.

Obama is active on social media platforms, particularly Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He uses these platforms to provide commentary, share ideas, and motivate others. Given his extensive social media following, everything he says is shared globally, influencing a large population. Obama uses social media regularly to inspire people regarding various social and economic issues. Social media is a powerful tool, especially in the 21st century, when most people have access to the internet and can instantly read and respond to any topic of interest.

Leaders who use social media have a significant advantage over those who disapprove of these channels of communication…

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