How Disinformation was Used to Cover Up JFK’s Assassination


Fetzer begins his article, “Disinformation: The Use of False Information,” by distinguishing between misinformation and disinformation. The author defines “misinformation” as the use of “false, incorrect, or misleading information” (Fetzer 231). In contrast, “disinformation” is defined as “the intentional, deliberate, or purposeful distribution, assertion, or dissemination of false, mistaken, or misleading information in an intentional, deliberate, or purposeful effort to mislead, deceive, or confuse.” As a result, disinformation may refer to “misinformation with an attitude.” The information is disseminated in order to mislead and persuade people to believe in false news. In such cases, various interested parties, such as politicians and the media, prefer to conceal the truth and spread lies. The “evidence” surrounding JF Kennedy’s death is one of the many contexts in which the process of disinformation occurs.


Fetzer’s research reveals widespread misinformation in ostensibly democratic societies. Bennett and Livingston back up the article’s findings by revealing the existence of false information spreading across various political platforms (122). Political interest groups disseminate false information in order to gain support and mobilize people to agree with their partisan viewpoints. In many countries, disinformation is used to conceal the limitations of democracy by legitimizing inherent evils such as corruption. For example, where citizens are likely to question the credibility of information, political media, and journalists are used to disseminate false information in order to persuade them of its veracity. The process is also intended to disrupt a country’s normal order by diverting citizens’ attention away from the pursuit of truth or reality. The death of JKF is used as an example of how disinformation can be used to mislead people and conceal the facts surrounding an incident. As a result, Fetzer’s research demonstrates disinformation in American politics…

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