Human Resource Management: Healthcare Executives as HR Managers

Because they understand people’s behaviors and needs better than other professionals, all healthcare executives can be considered HR managers. It is the responsibility of healthcare executives to engage staff for their departments to function optimally. Furthermore, it is their responsibility to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are met, and that budget allocations are made (Fried and Fottler 28). Healthcare executives must collaborate closely with other departments to prepare for the position. Additionally, before taking on a managerial role, healthcare executives can enroll in a human resource course to gain skills and knowledge.

Human resource managers are critical in promoting healthcare quality and safety. They ensure that quality and safety are improved in the healthcare sector by evaluating employees’ knowledge and skills before hiring them (Kabene 31). Furthermore, HR is responsible for retaining the best-performing employees who improve customer satisfaction (Fried and Fottler 101). HR approaches would improve Medicare, encouraging more funding while improving safety and quality of care.

Toxic managers encourage workplace bullying, are only concerned with themselves, and are unconcerned with the organization’s goals and mission. They are concerned with being recognized by their superiors and taking credit for their employees’ work. Toxic managers demotivate junior employees, especially when all the credit is given to them without recognizing other workers.

The FTE (full-time equivalent) and headcount are two different methods in a given organization. The headcount is the total number of people who work in the field of study. The method takes into account the members of each organization. Credits, hours, and skills are not considered in this technique. Furthermore, the nature of the individual is ignored when counting full-time and part-time workers. An FTE must work a certain number of hours per week (Mazumdar et al. 348). FTE and headcount calculations differ, as evidenced by their terms of engagement…

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