Health Belief Paper

Health Belief Paper

Unit IV Project


Health Belief PaperAs health care leaders, it is important to reflect on your own health belief model before you can work to educate and market to the health belief of others. After all, you are a health care consumer yourself! You do not need to have the same beliefs as those you are working with or educating/marketing, but you do need to understand your own and recognize that each person’s beliefs are individualized.

For this paper, you must complete each of the three parts below

.As you respond, consider all the variety of characteristics that you may have as part of your model. Remember, there are no right or wrong models.

Part I Describe your general health care, belief model.

Do you tend to follow a provider’s guidance/recommendation or collect information and make your own decision?
Are there others in your life that influence your health decisions (family members, friends, etc.)?
Where do you get health information?
What information is important to you in order to make a decision?
Are you comfortable with advertisements?
Do you want to read research on the topic or consult with someone first?
Do you consider how your health behaviors may impact you now and in the future? Why, or why not?
Part II: Market to yourself. Consider the types of marketing that most appeals to you. Perhaps you like to see data to support a product or service, or maybe you prefer testimonials from people who have used the product or service. Maybe you tend to lean towards brands you already trust and look for visual logos. Think through what types of things are most important to you in health care marketing.

Outline the type of marketing plan that appeals most to you as you address the following questions.

What types of information do you prefer to see (i.e., data, testimonials)?
What types of materials do you prefer (i.e., written, pictures, videos)?
Delivery of information—do you prefer to see health care providers in marketing materials or actual consumers that use the service?
What types of services do you prefer (medications and treatments versus preventive measures around lifestyle changes)?
If you were marketing to people who held the exact same health beliefs as you, what would be most effective?
Is it helpful to see other people having a positive experience, or do you focus more on the expertise of the health care providers involved?
Do you want to see data and numbers, or do you want to know that the health care service cares about you and will listen to you?
Do you prefer visual ads or written material you can read?
What is more important: price or value?
Part III: Cultural Diversity. Briefly research the general health beliefs of just one of the demographics below.

Now, consider the marketing plan you have outlined to market to people just like you and discuss how that plan may differ when marketing to people of the demographic you researched.

Your project must be a minimum of three written pages, not including the title or reference pages. You may include graphics, charts, or other data to support your plan, but they do not count toward the three-page requirement.

You must use a minimum of 3 sources to support your project.

One can be your textbook. All sources must come from the CSU electronic library and must have citations and references properly formatted in APA Style.

Health Care Administration Research Guide

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