The Module 3 Case Assignment requires that you use the various Grand Strategy selection matrices to select the grand strategy (or strategies) that the General Motors Corporation should follow.

Case Assignment

List the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for General Motors Corporation using IBIS World (Car & Automobile Manufacturing in the US: 33611A). Search the Navigation Tabs (Competitive Landscape, Major Companies, Industry at a Glance, Industry Performance, and Industry Outlook) to develop your SWOT Analysis.

Review the SWOT Analysis Diagram (Slide 4 of the Grand Strategy Selection Matrices PowerPoint presentation). In which cell do you believe General Motors belongs? Defend your answer.

Next, using the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix (Slide 7), determine the grand strategy (or grand strategies) that should be pursued by General Motors. Discuss the assumptions you have made in applying the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix (i.e., explain why you chose “overcome weaknesses” vs. “maximize strengths” and why you chose “internally directed” vs. “externally directed”).

Next, apply the Model of Grand Strategy Clusters (Slide 8) to General Motors. Discuss the assumptions you made in applying the Model of Grand Strategy Clusters to General Motors (i.e., rapid vs. slow growth; weak versus strong competitive position).

Finally, apply the BCG Matrix (Slide 10) to General Motors’ core strategic choices. Again, discuss your assumptions for choosing (e.g., high versus low market share). Is General Motors a Dog, Cash Cow, Star, or Question Mark?

Compare your results from the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix (Step 2), the Model of Grand Strategy Clusters (Step 3), and the BCG Matrix (Step 4). How do your results compare?

Conclude your written analysis by stating which grand strategy (or strategies) General Motors should follow and why. Defend your answer.

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