FedEx Corporation: SWOT Analysis


FedEx Corporation (FedEx) is a multinational transportation company. The company is based in the United States, with headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. It was founded in Delaware in 1997. Federal Express acquired Caliber System in 1998, resulting in the formation of FDX Corporation. Due to the business decision, the new firm’s services were expanded to include small-package ground service. Prior to that, Federal Express only provided shipping services. With over 166,000 employees supporting its global operations, the company has expanded its services through mergers and acquisitions to make shipping and package deliveries more efficient worldwide. FedEx’s services are strategically positioned to provide international physical transportation.

FedEx employs various business strategies, including logistics, freight, and courier services. With four operational segments, including “FedEx Services, FedEx Freight, FedEx Express, and FedEx Ground,” management has built a strong information infrastructure to support millions of worldwide transactions (FedEx Corporation, 2018, p. 3). It is a transportation company that makes international small package deliveries. The company employs cutting-edge technology to ensure on-time delivery and real-time tracking, making global shipping efficient and dependable.

The financial curve of the company has improved over time. FedEx reported US$65,450 million in revenue for the fiscal year ending May 2018, an 8.5% increase over the previous fiscal year. In the fiscal year, the operating margin was 7.4% lower than in 2017. The margin in FY2017 was 7%, up from 5% the previous year (FedEx Corporation, 2018). The financial performance has increased significantly over the year, with the potential for further improvement in its industry.

SWOT Analysis


Large Operational Scale. FedEx, as an integrated transportation service provider, provides a wide range of services. The company offers its customers transportation, business services, and e-commerce platforms. Apart from the United States, it operates in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Mexico, Poland, India, France, and Brazil (FedEx Corporation, 2018). The company has approximately 60,000 drop-off locations and…

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