External and Internal Business Environments of McDonald’s

McDonald’s Company’s intense market rivalry prohibits it from achieving its business objectives in its external environment. The corporation ranks lowest in the industry for operational efficiency and the delivery of quality and value to its consumers, in contrast to its major competitors Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Burger King. McDonald’s should develop a competitive price plan that is sensitive to the purchasing power of the entire customer base (Tomczak, Reinecke, & Kuss, 87. To achieve a competitive advantage over its competitors. The strategy will enable the restaurant to compete with its major rivals and attract price-conscious customers.

Second, the organization should place a strong emphasis on enhancing quality and value for customers. Utilizing its chain, the corporation can advertise the restaurant’s quality and value to attract additional consumers. Thirdly, health is a primary concern of fast-food restaurant patrons. McDonald’s should strengthen its health campaigns and encourage healthy practices throughout its menus and services, including food storage, preparation methods, and waiter services, to achieve a competitive advantage in the sector. The effort will minimize growing worries about childhood obesity linked to the company’s fast food establishments.

McDonald’s Company positions itself through operational efficiency and technical innovation, which increases its effectiveness and efficiency within its operations and provides it with a competitive advantage over its major competitors. Through the employment or training of local personnel in its franchisees around the world, McDonald’s aims to gain a deeper understanding of the market while striving to manage the local competition. Considering that the bulk of

McDonald’s competitors are fast food restaurants; therefore, the corporation portrays itself as a global brand to achieve a competitive edge by implementing technologically advanced its operations…

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