essential abilities I must develop to become a successful counselor


Strengths in Section 1

Through readings, lectures, and the dyads project over the course of the semester, I have learned important abilities that will be useful in my future career as a counselor. My ability has improved because to the videos and comments from my teacher and others that have helped me address different areas of difficulty. Attending behaviors have become one of my strong suits. Although I’ve always been good at keeping eye contact, I’ve gotten better at it this semester. Throughout interviews, I maintain a cool and demure demeanor. The client feels more at ease expressing intense emotions because of this skill. I now know how to give my customer a welcoming and sympathetic environment. Additionally, I pay attention to their requirements, which improves communication.

I’ve also learned that I can express empathy for my clients’ emotions. I have always been able to make my clients feel comfortable around me and enable them to express their emotions without inhibition in every dyad. Since I want to work with my clients to find solutions, I have encouraged them to voice their darkest concerns and worries. Effective therapists must be able to empathize with their clients’ emotions and refrain from passing judgment. My clients have always felt at ease and at peace around me because I am understanding. When speaking with my clients, this talent helps me come out as sincere. The skill comes naturally to me because I don’t pass judgment on things. I pay close attention to what others are saying and demonstrate understanding and sensitivity.

I am able to ponder and reiterate the emotions of my client. The capacity to consider the client’s emotions promotes an atmosphere of greater understanding. In order to clarify matters and make sure I comprehend what the client is saying, especially when it comes to their emotions, I was able to have them rephrase their words. For instance…

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