Early Childhood Development Case Study: Cry Baby

How typical are the behaviors in this classroom?

A picture of typical stage in early childhood development is painted by the behaviors depicted in this scenario. There are young children in the classroom being studied. The lack of self-expression is one of this group’s defining traits. At this age, kids may not verbally express emotions to their peers, such as fear and anxiety. For instance, after Tanner confronts Erica about destroying the tower, Erica starts to cry. As a result, such a response might be anticipated in Tanner’s age group of kids with poor self-expression.

Limited social behaviors are also typical in four-year-old children. Children may not have had as much exposure to critical social skills like sharing and caring for others at this stage of development. An illustration of this type of behavior is the argument that starts when Zada declines to give Annie her crackers. Given their degree of social development, the act might be seen as normal. Joe is one of the more considerate students in the class, but other factors, such as parental guidance and social interactions, may limit the quality.

Why do you think some kids are so eager to lend a hand and share with others while others are so quick to point the finger and act negatively?

Their early environments and experiences may influence children’s behavior. For instance, comments made in front of a child may affect how they behave with their peers. Tanner’s adverse reaction to Erica’s act may be explained by the aspect. Tanner may have grown up seeing similar things, in my opinion. He might, in particular, come from a patriarchal family where women are not given the same opportunities to engage in certain activities. Additionally, it appears that his employer affects his behavior. For instance, Tyler, a friend of his, is quick to point the finger. How Tanner feels about Tyler may influence how he responds to other kids…

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