Discussion Forum Questions

Discussion Forum Questions

For Discussion Forum 4, applying your understanding of the course material.

Please answer the prompts below.

1. Find an image from popular media (social media, memes, websites, TV, cable, streaming programs, movies, etc.) that for you suggests a particular or peculiar image and representation of whiteness in contemporary American or Latinx popular culture today.

Upload an example (a photo or image file under 100MB) and provide a description touching upon the peculiar, ironic, or satirical aspects of your image’s whiteness.
In describing and analyzing your contemporary media example, try to explore how it reflects the historical aspects of the privileging of whiteness (i.e. the history of English or Spanish colonialism, the creation of race & whiteness, the Spanish color-caste system, colorism, etc.) in relation to other ethnic, racial, or marginalized groups in the U.S. or in the Americas.
Feel free to share any memes that touch upon this topic, as long as they are not offensive nor violate the course policies.

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