In Contemporary Society, Discrimination Against Women is Still Pervasive

The pursuit of human rights and freedom has risen to the forefront of many nations’ discussions. Disturbingly, despite the world’s progress toward global human rights standards, discrimination against women persists in numerous fields. The discussions provide a sociological perspective that reveals the predominance of men in nearly every social sector. Reading and daily interactions among peers demonstrate that women are exploited. Women’s marginalization and mistreatment, as depicted in the chapter, have reached their zenith and require redress. Significantly, rights should be based on the gender requirements of society, as opposed to a universal approach.

This chapter demonstrates that being born a woman entails potential dangers. In a variety of circumstances, society employs women as tools. In African civil wars, for instance, women endure the worst forms of brutality, such as rape and physical abuse. In accordance with cultural norms, women are expected to submit to their male counterparts. In addition, women who have improved their social status and acquired professional training or employment continue to be subjected to work-related abuses, such as indecent treatment. Even more intriguing is that professional women in comparable ranks to men are disadvantaged in terms of work expectations, promotions, and other responsibilities.

The patriarchal nature of society gives preference to male children over their female counterparts. The reading examines various perspectives in which boys are “toughened” for the future while girls are “softened.” In some cultures, boys are discouraged from being shy and expected to be assertive to maintain their masculinity. Notably, toys designed for boys and girls differ. Female children are socialized to play with dolls, which require tenderness, whereas male children are socialized to play with cars, guns, and complex moving plants, which demand skill and aggression. As a result of these differences in cognitive development, boys are better equipped to deal with real-world challenges.

Despite their different upbringings, women and men are expected to work for comparable resources. This presents a challenge…

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