Overview of Data Breach Incidents at Facebook and Marriott


A data breach occurs when unauthorized individuals gain access to a business’s sensitive, private, or confidential data. Trade secrets, original ideas, and sensitive personal information can all be lost due to a data breach. Cyber hacking has harmed the operations of several companies, including Facebook and Marriott, despite the fact that corporations must set up advanced data protection mechanisms.


More than 300 million hotel guests’ credit card numbers, contact information, passport information, and arrival and departure records were all accessible to the attacker.
Marriott claims that a third party broke into the hotel’s system and obtained access to private and sensitive information.
The company was alerted by an internal system that someone had accessed the hotel database. An investigation showed that a hacker had replicated and encrypted sensitive client data.
Following the attack, the business informed the impacted consumers and reported the matter to the police for further investigation and prosecution.


The attacker used the company’s “View As” tool, which provided a peek at individual profiles from the perspective of other accounts. During the attack, more than 50 million users, including the company’s founder and other important personnel, were impacted.
However, Facebook soon fixed the issue. The corporation contacted the necessary authorities and turned off “View As” to make examining the system’s security easier.
Facebook was the target of an attack based on the new user profile feature’s security flaws.


The amount of cybercrimes is growing as technology progresses. The approach has led to multiple serious cyberattacks on a variety of businesses. Due to the flaw in its new feature, Facebook experienced a data breach, and Marriott hotel systems were used by a third party to obtain crucial information. Businesses were able to lessen the effects of attacks in both cases and evaluate the underlying security flaws.

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