Consumers as Advertisers: The Future of Advertising

The chapter “From Advertising to Engagement” by Malthouse and Calder (2018) addresses key developments in advertising, such as the shift from traditional channels, such as broadcast, print, and outdoor, to digital media. According to the writers, the traditional marketing and advertising environment failed to engage customers. Digital media and digital settings, on the other hand, stimulate customer participation. Customers are no longer passive recipients of material produced by marketers; they are active players who assess advertising content. Therefore, customers can generate and distribute their own messages in the digital world.

The article “Emotional Engagement in a New Marketing Communication Environment” by Chan-Olmsted and Wolter (2018) discusses the significance of involving customers in producing media material like advertising. According to the authors, attention and emotion are two crucial variables that media content makers must consider to engage consumers. Creators of content should comprehend the emotional processes that increase consumer engagement. Advertisers must understand how customers hear and respond to marketing and brand messages to effectively involve them in content creation and distribution. Even in the hard era of advertising avoidance in the use of new media, such understanding is essential to establishing a successful customer-brand relationship.

Weitzl and Einwiller (2018) address the consumer-brand relationship paradigm in the context of digital media in the essay “Consumer Engagement in the Digital Era: Its Nature, Drivers, and Outcomes.” The writers recognize that the introduction of new media technologies has altered the relationships between customers and brands. In addition, they explore the transformation of the consumer from a passive recipient of information to an active participant in the creation of value from communications and media content. The concept of consumer engagement is crucial to the process of creating value because producers understand the demands of consumers during the communication process. Customers are crucial in disseminating marketing information through emerging trends such as viral marketing…

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