Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching

Mod 5

How did conservative Leo XIII lead the way toward social Catholicism?

In this assignment, you will read part of Pope Leo XIII’s teaching that we now recognize as a founding document of Catholic Social Teaching. You will write a reflection on what he is saying.

The Papal letter Rerum Novarum or “Revolutionary Change” addressed the problem of the rise of Communism/Socialsim in his times, and conditions arising with industrial Capitalism.

View and read Pope Leo’s Letter here. Watch the assigned video about it here.

After reading only points 1-10 of this Papal letter Rerum Novarum, write a 2-page reflective response to what he is saying.

The requirements of this assignment are that you:

Show you comprehend something of what Leo XIII is saying in this letter by summarizing or restating the ideas you understand.

Express your own ideas in response to the letter. Make connections to present day issues if you see them.

You do not need to give citations in this assignment unless you use a source other than those linked to here.

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