Jamie received 105 responses, which are given in the Excel file Drout Advertising Survey.

Review the questionnaire and classify the data collected from each question as categorical, ordinal, interval, or ratio.
Next, explain how the data and subsequent analysis using business analytics might lead to a better understanding of stereotype versus empowerment advertising. Specifically, state some of the key insights that you would hope to answer by analyzing the data.
Use appropriate charts to visualize the data. Summarize the data using:
frequency distributions and histograms for numerical variables,
cross-tabulations, and
other appropriate applications of PivotTables
to break down the data and develop useful insights.

An important aspect of business analytics is good communication. Write up your answers to this case formally in a well-written report as if you were a consultant-File attached

Notes from professor: Please develop YOUR OWN Business Data Analytics EXCEL models to support all your answers and analyses and post this(these) file(s) in addition to your Case Analysis Drout Advertising Research Project Report.

Finally, please answer ALL Questions and Sections of this Data Analytics for Business Case with great detail AND STEP BY STEP being extremely methodical and accurate in your answers. It is extremely important that for each Question and Section, you write the entire question and you LABEL and/or PLACE the appropriate headings and subheadings clearly for EACH part of the question and/or section.

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