Building A LinkedIn Profile

Building A LinkedIn Profile

Prior to beginning work on this journal, visit the Career ServicesLinks to an external site. webpage to learn about University of Arizona Global Campus Career and Alumni Services. Review the Digital Footprint: Build Your BrandLinks to an external site. and the Search for JobsLinks to an external site. videos from the LinkedIn course Learning LinkedIn for Students. Additionally, watch the How to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn?Links to an external site. video from LinkedIn, which will help you learn more about the importance of your personal brand as a marketing or business professional.

To complete this journal, you need a job title. If you are already employed, you are welcome to use your current work title. If not employed, or if you do not wish to use your title, you can select a global marketing job title that interests you by visiting websites like CareerBuilderLinks to an external site., IndeedLinks to an external site. or LinkedIn JobsLinks to an external site..

The Personal Branding Activity is comprised of two parts that will be submitted in two different weeks. Please note that Part 1 of the Personal Branding Activity is made up of two sections listed below. Part 2 of the Personal Branding Activity will be submitted for the Week 5 – Journal.

Section A: Your LinkedIn Profile

For Section A,

Create a profile on LinkedInLinks to an external site., or edit your current LinkedIn profile.
Refer to the Create an Effective LinkedIn ProfileLinks to an external site. checklist from University of Arizona Global Campus Career Services as a guide for important items you may not have considered.
Enhance your profile to look more professional and noticeable by applying the tips found in the video How to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn?Links to an external site. and the webpage article How to Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile That Will Get You NoticedLinks to an external site. on LinkedIn.
Section B: Personal Branding

For Section B,

Design a business card with CanvaLinks to an external site. using the global marketing job title you selected or your current job title.
Please be aware that there is a “Marketing & Communications” templates section you can use before you begin to design your card.
Include a QR (quick response) code to your LinkedIn profile page on the business card.
Use a QR Code GeneratorLinks to an external site., and include the image on your business card. Put the link to the LinkedIn page on your card.
Download your design as a PDF file.
Upload a Word or PDF document containing your business card design that includes the QR code to your LinkedIn page. Include the link to your LinkedIn profile link in the comments section when submitting to Waypoint if the URL link is not included in your business card.

Carefully review the Grading RubricLinks to an external site. for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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