Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Learning Outcomes:

Describe the characteristics of exceptional learners (e.g. Learning Disabilities, Gifted and Talented), including legal implications by

a. identifying characteristics of students with learning disabilities;

b. describing strategies for teaching students with learning disabilities;

c. identifying characteristics of gifted students;

d. describing strategies for teaching gifted students;

e. identifying laws that guarantee equal educational opportunities.

Document resources used and compile in a Works Cited page (APA format).

Project will be presented via PowerPoint upload to Canvas.

Required Elements

a. Characteristics

i. Describe the exceptionality.

ii. List and discuss a minimum of 2 characteristics of the respective exceptionality.

b. Historical Perspective

1. Include a minimum of 2 important dates relevant to the discovery or identification of the exceptionality.

c. Education laws

1. Identify one law or legislation that provide protection for students with the respective exceptionality.

d. Teaching Strategies

i. Identify and discuss a minimum of 1 teaching strategy

e. Practical Applications

i. Name at least 1 challenge that may arise in the classroom setting.

ii. Name at least 1 solution that can be implemented for each challenge listed above.

1. Cite each research-based solution

f. Final Analysis

i. Analyze the information and summarize the 1 takeaway from the research.

b. Works Cited slide

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