An Analysis of the Impact of Technological Advancements on Modern Living: A Reflection Essay

Technological advancements are important trends in today’s world. Innovations have been implemented in all aspects of modern life, including the home and workplace. I’ve been reflecting on various changes that have occurred in people’s lives as part of the Information Management & Analysis course. Technology has impacted business operations, organizational structures, and how people communicate and interact with one another in various work and social settings. The novelty of instant communication and regular online interactions may not have much of an impact on older generations, but they are extremely important in the lives of younger Americans. After finishing the course, I realized that some young people have never known a world without technology. As a result, they have become inextricably linked to various information systems, including social media. Looking around, I notice that while technology is indispensable at home and work and has eliminated many communication barriers, it has also resulted in people’s overreliance on their gadgets and social networks.

The course introduces the concept of a tech-dependent lifestyle, which is prevalent among the current generation of Americans. The shift is unavoidable and irreversible, implying that people rely on technology in almost all aspects of their daily lives, particularly Internet-connected devices. Before taking the course, I had no idea how important these gadgets were in everyday tasks like child-rearing. Parents rely on the Internet to learn about their responsibilities. For example, mothers can learn about their children’s various developmental milestones to better understand challenges and how to overcome them. People use the Internet to learn how to do various tasks, such as cooking, baking, and even repairing household appliances. Websites and online applications have replaced books as the primary source of information about household activities and chores.

The proliferation of technology and information systems has fundamentally altered the modern workplace. I’ve spent more time reflecting on these changes since enrolling in the course. Because of this, today’s workplace would be unrecognizable to older workers because…

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