Advantages and Disadvantages of the Cradle-to-Cradle Business Approach: Desso

Desso can renegotiate conditions independent of market rivalry by putting the Cradle-to-Cradle business approach into practice. Since the primary goal of C2C systems is to address environmental issues, the materials used should be non-toxic to improve consumer and ecosystem safety. Although the initial stages of applying the models have a substantial financial impact, C2C procedures ensure that the technical nutrients and manufacturing resources are reused to reduce costs. The C2C business model has also increased thoughts on sustainability. After identifying the raw material, Fischer and Pascucci (2017) show how the production process may be handled with the same speed and quality when a C2C strategy is used (p. 2). The model can be duplicated if the necessary materials and technical resources are available.

In contrast, there are drawbacks to the C2C business model. The value chain is the only support for the model. Technical errors in material quality assurance, such as trust and integrity issues, might impact the overall C2C manufacturing plan. Finding dependable and dedicated vendors also requires a lot of time. The execution of the C2C strategy can be constrained by changes to operations, marketing strategies, and equipment. As a result, the process becomes labor-intensive and costly, resulting in the depletion of resources and consequent market failure.

Adjustments to Customer Relationships

Businesses that switch from traditional operations to the C2C model should alter their client relationships. Desso should revamp its communication strategies in light of the criticism its goods have received for contributing to environmental problems. The C2C system’s adoption enables the business to create and convey new product specifications and a progressive marketing plan for its clients. The marketing plan will help customers learn about the business’s improved environmental practices and eco-friendly product lines, strengthening their bond with the brand. By boosting sales, fostering consumer confidence, and raising product satisfaction levels, the C2C business strategy will bolster the company’s competitive advantage. Desso’s marketing strategy will consequently alter consumers’ perceptions and persuade them to purchase goods made with green technologies…

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