Factors affecting the Adoption and Integration of ICT by Teachers in the Teaching/Learning Process

Section I: Article Information

The article’s title

“Factors Influencing the Adoption and Integration of ICT in the Teaching/Learning Process by Educators”

Author’s Full Name (s)

Lawrence, Japhet E., and Tar, Usman A.

The source of the article

Journal: Educational Media International Journal

Details of publication: 2018 volume 55 number 1, pages 79-105.

Section II: Preliminary Evaluation

The study aimed to determine the elements influencing educators’ decisions to adopt and integrate information communication technology in teaching and learning activities. The study’s objective was to identify the obstacles that impede the effective implementation of technology. Consequently, exploratory and descriptive analyses were done to attain the goal. Their study, which informs research on the adoption of technology in numerous settings, including education, was based on Rogers’s (1995) theory of the diffusion of innovations. The authors employed grounded theory to guide the collection and analysis of data. In addition, they found many elements, including ICT mindset, teacher-level characteristics (age, gender, education, and knowledge), technology factors, and institutional dynamics. Notable challenges to adoption include a lack of ICT expertise and integration, limited time, unwillingness to change, infrastructural limitations and complexity, absence of training, and inadequate technical assistance.

Section III: Empirical Research Methodology

Using exploratory and descriptive research, the researchers identified the elements that influence educators’ acceptance and integration of information communication technology in the teaching and learning process. Utilizing a qualitative methodology, they gained a thorough description and conceptualization of the study within the context of a grounded theory. In addition, they conducted a case study to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the influences and limitations of technology in educational contexts.

Data Gathering

The researchers gathered data through semi-structured interviews and a grounded theory-based case study. Four teachers who participated in the study were offered questions that were open-ended and relatively unstructured…

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